What i’m about..

MCLEODHi, my name is Catherine Hills I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I love writing books and now a blog! My interests are wide-ranging, to say the least! I’ve been online for a year now, and I’ve written lots of articles on various topics.

Now that I’m on blog, I’m branching out into home decor, which is a new topic of writing for me. I love to spend time on Amazon looking at stuff, so it’s fun to share what I find with my readers.

I also plan to write about crafts, gardening, and around the home stuff, which is obviously a very general subject!

We enjoy growing stuff in our garden, and we’re still being challenged by the the climate here. When it’s too cold to garden, I like to read murder mysteries, and work on my locker hooking and my loom knitting.

Between my husband and me, we have six kids so far!

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