Concrete Kitchen Renovations

 Want to renovate your kitchen with an edge?

The renovations of your kitchen is one of the most amazing and difficult task as well. You have to keep certain tips in mind because without any professional guide, you will definitely stuck in the middle of any task or you’ll surely get a ridiculous outcome. So, here we are with some of the simple but effective tips that you must read before starting any project of renovation.

I have a country style timber kitchen that I want to renovate into something more modern. The rest of the house has already had a makeover and is looking really modern, so now the kitchen doesn’t really go well with the theme of our house anymore. I’m not really a fan of sharp edges and I want the benches to look more rounded, so that it wraps around the round kitchen island in the middle of the room where our family has breakfast of a morning.

Lights for the kitchen bench

Lights for the kitchen bench

What would be a good inexpensive option for a modern kitchen bench top that curves?

The new Freestyle Curve bench top solutions are a renovator’s dream.

This is because the flexibility of the Freestyle Curve can be easily moulded or bent to your desired shape and is now taking off as the latest trend for bench tops, furniture and decorative feature pieces.

You can also choose from six contemporary decors and you have the option to mix and match your kitchen’s new design with the new product range for a completely customised kitchen that suits the way you love to live. Effectivly adding special lighting to your kitchen can make all the difference.

Laminex Freestyle Curve surfaces are also contoured with seamless joins and give any kitchen that modern minimalist look.

As bench tops they are easy to clean and have stain, bacteria and heat resistant qualities, while still being affordable in comparison to the other products currently on the market that are also made from 100% solid acrylic. You can also rest assured that they’re built to last because the Laminex Freestyle Curve is also backed by a 10 year limited warranty.


Concrete Benchtops / Countertops

The kitchen bench is one of the most attractive item in your home, especially in your kitchen. To make your counter top or bench-top look more attractive, you can make it more prominent by using lights on it from the above direction. For the concrete counter-tops, you must remember that it must have colors that matches perfectly with the color of its surroundings. For example, if your walls have grey color, then dark grey concrete bench will be the best choice. Moreover, if you have specific taste of color, you can also go with that. Sourcing shotcrete contractors in Brisbane locally is really the only option as shopping isn’t feasible with such a heavy product.

Concrete Basin

Before buying basin, you must have a look at these tips because there’s something that you should know about the basins. Basin that are easy to wash. Avoid highly polished stainless steel because it has no sound observing pads on underside and polished to hide the defects in the basins. About 90 percent steel is already installed in our houses and almost, 99 percent of it is under mount stainless steel. Stainless steel must not be broken or cracked where as ceramic steel is broken or cracked.


The granite sink is very popular because it is scratch resistant and stain resistant than stainless steel. The benefit of such sink is that it possesses solid structure and hence, becomes more reliable. The variety of colors and design provide a sense of fascination. The price range starts from $300 and it ends up to $750.

Composite ceramics basins must be installed under the mount. Couple of people install them over mount. Over mount is easily done just by pouring out. When something unexpected happens, they can easily be disconnected. If the sink is installed under mount, it is difficult to pour out and scratches can’t easily be removed.

Consider repairing cost as the chief element. It’s another drawback is that it’s repairing cost is $400 if it gets scratched. So, be careful and consider the pros and cons of kitchen basins and purchase them after getting satisfied. Best quality basins are easy to wash, have premium quality and are easy to install as well.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Splashbacks are known best for protecting your walls from water and oil splashes. Moreover, splashbacks are also used for making a specific color pattern within your kitchen. The most common and perfect splashbacks are of stainless steel, glass, and ceramic tiles. All of them have certain pros and cons. Now, depending on the situation, you can go with a specific item. If you’re more inclined towards the linear design of your kitchen, then glass and ceramic tiles splashbacks will be best for you.


Kitchen Furniture

People are more concern about the color of the furniture and also, they have many confusions while picking a specific color for a perfect furniture. Well, we have some tips for you in this regard. Don’t just fall on the bright colors and trendy chairs with sharp and catchy colors, always go for the neutral and real colors.


The reason not to choose the bright colors is that the bright colors will lose their charm after a period of time. The neutral colors don’t get a fade with time easily. The entire furniture will look disgusting and odd when its color will get fade. It is easy to hide the faded colors with a pillow but it’s much difficult to buy a whole new furniture.

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