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Epoxy flooring

Thanks to the rapid advancements in technology and industrialisation in general over the last couple of years, there are numerous varieties of flooring options and materials that can use for both residential and commercial purposes. However, the difficulty comes in choosing a floor that is strong and durable, relatively easy to maintain and features high standards of aesthetical appeal. It is especially true due to the endless options available.

Now, if you happen to be looking for such flooring, Epoxy flooring might be the answer for you. The problem is that most people don’t understand, let alone know the existence of Epoxy floors. There is an excellent chance that you have never come across such yourself. So, to help you out here is pretty much the basics of Epoxy floors.

What exactly are Epoxy floors?
In the most understandable terms possible, Epoxy floors can be term as flooring surfaces that are fabricated from some epoxy layers often piled to a minimum of 2-millimetre floor depth.

Epoxy floors are commonly industrial flooring systems which are resin-based and provide distinct features. In terms of hygiene, Epoxy floors top the chat thanks to their durability, seamless functionality, easy application and maintenance which sum up to reduced downtime. Additionally, Epoxy floors provide exceptional chemical resistance traits and atypical abrasion.

What are the available types of Epoxy floors?
Generally, there are three types of epoxy usually used in flooring depending on the specific use and one’s preferences. From the perspective of Galaxy Concrete Polishing & Grinding, these include solid epoxy, solvent-based epoxy, and water-based epoxy. As implied by their titles, these differ depending on the additives. As a result, each type has its standard of adherence and appeal.
In-depth, Epoxy floors divide into several classifications which differ in terms of the end-product (floor) characteristics and aesthetically appeal. Among the most common groupings are:

  • Epoxy flaked floors
  • Epoxy terrazzo floors
  • Mortar epoxy floors
  • Self-dispersing epoxy floors etc.

These include some of the most common types of epoxy floors. Multiple types choose from depending on an individual’s taste and preferences.

What makes Epoxy floors stand out from the rest?
Epoxy flooring provides some outstanding traits, or rather qualifications which essentially make this flooring technique more suitable than the rest. These include the following:

Epoxy floors have proven to be highly resistant to almost any kind of physical elements that tend to cause significant damage to most flooring materials. These include oil, bleach, cleaning detergents and chemicals, transmission fluid and gasoline etc.

In terms of durability, it has realised that Epoxy floors tend to last longer than most of the other flooring options available. It is true because of its seamless nature which prevents the penetration of moisture and any other physical element which often cause flooring pop-up and eventual damage.

One of the features that render Epoxy floors the best kind of flooring option for both residential and commercial purposes. Apart from featuring unique traits, it is also relatively cheap as compared to the rest. Its price per square feet is just unbeatable!

These are the main features that distinguish Epoxy floors from the rest. This type of flooring technique has unending pros and is relatively cheap, the only problem being that it is unknown to many.


As seen, Epoxy floors feature some advantages and qualify as the best flooring option for your home, office, garage and generally any other residential or commercial structure. In terms of application, as much as you can do it all by yourself, it is probably best you have a professional do it for unprecedented results.