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Antique auctions – Getting the deal of a lifetime

Antique auctions rooms, including online auctions, are very popular in many countries across the world. If you are not particularly fond of antique items, you may even wonder as to why people go to or take part in Antique auctions and pay abnormally high prices for some rare antique pieces of art in particular and other items of interest in general.


What is an antique?

In simple terms, any item that is collectible and is at least 100 years’ old is referred to as an antique. However, all items or objects that are more than 100 years old don’t qualify to be called antiques. An antique acquires the status as an antique and is collected because of its beauty, rarity, age, condition, personal emotional link or some other unique features or value. Antiques often represent or depict a past era or show some exceptional degree of craftsmanship that can be linked to some past period.

How does one acquire an antique?

You can inherit an antique or buy one at an antique shop, at auction houses and other venues or in an online auction. There are thousands of dealers in antique items who regularly hold auctions at pre-designated venues while some hold online auctions in routine. Tens of items that are put up for auction online can also be conveniently viewed by you online from the comforts of your home. You place your bid and if it is the highest bid received till the time of closing of auction, the item is all yours.

What are the most popular items in Antique auctions?

If you can think of any item from the past era, then the chances are that you will invariably find it at some auction house or the other. Items that are most commonly found at auction houses and in online auctions include clocks, carved rosewood furniture, banquet lamps, sculptures made of bronze, marble or other materials, carved ivory, Chinese porcelain and paintings.